A little notice might come in handy

I recently received this notice from the Alberta Alliance in my email:

Please listen to Paul and his response to the Premier’s new royalty regime

QR77 770am – Calgary

630Ched 630am - Edmonton

Jonathon W. L. Iverson
Alberta Alliance Opposition
Legislative Assembly of Alberta
401 Legislature Annex
9718 - 107 Street
Edmonton, Alberta. T5K 1E4
Telephone: 403 427-6598
Fax: 403 644-7196
Email: jonathon.iverson@assembly.ab.ca
Sounds all well and good, right? Well, take a peek at the headers:
Subject Alberta Alliance Leader Paul Hinman on Rutherford show at 11:30pm
From View message header detail Jonathon Iverson
Date Friday, October 26, 2007 11:21 am
To Randy Thorsteinson
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Excuse me one moment...

Friday morning at 11:21 am?????? Why would you email people at 11:21am about a radio interview that was approximately nine minutes away? I mean seriously, ever heard about "lead time"?

Update, 8:48pm: I almost forgot to mention that this was the first email! The following arrived four minutes later...
Subject Correction on time for Paul Hinman radio interview, 11:30 am, five minutes
I actually missed all the "11:30pm" references, partly because I knew that Rutherford was on in the morning. This is even worse, I'd submit.



So you are saying they are not competent to govern.