Speaking of those worthless sacks of excrement which make up the average NDPer...

Remember a couple posts ago when I made a rabble.ca joke?

It's not so funny now:

In discussing the Saskatchewan election on the forum, Potts wrote on Oct. 15 that Wall's father John, a Swift Current city councillor who owns some low-rent properties in the city, was putting his son's campaign signs on the rental properties.

About 10 hours later, Potts followed up with this post: "Further to my previous point, there is a Brad Wall sign (rental property) on a known crack house."
According to a Saskatchewan Party news release, John Wall does not currently own any rental properties - a fact of which Potts said he was not aware. Potts said he had no intention of linking the two posts, and was just trying to raise the issues of affordable rental properties and drug abuse in Swift Current.

If that wasn't enough to liven up your day, here's a reminder why you should do as I'm doing tonight: rewatching Lethal Weapon 2.