More Babelfish Fun

So Babelfish again comes in handy, transcribing this blog's review of America Alone by Mark Steyn into English. Sort of:

Here still a book which treats difficulties to which is confronted the Occident, in a thought rather close to Threat In Europe. The complete title is in fact: AMERICA ALONE: THE END OF THE WORLD HAVE WE KNOW IT

Written by the American journalist néo-conservative Mark Steyn, the principal thesis is that the whole of the Western countries is in prey with a decline such as the USA will only be found in the near future.

The reasons given are:
- massive immigration "of the south" with refusal which been obstinated of the newcomers to be assimilated,
- differential of birthrate enters "of stock" and the newcomers (and coldly arrived),
- autoflagellation and multiculturalism making lose with the Westerners any confidence in themselves and any instinct of safeguarding,
- social democrat State déresponsabilisant the individual.

The author presents to which point Islam conqueror became an existential threat for our companies, in particular by the demography and the will of conquest.

Native of Toronto in Canada, Steyn is as critical towards Canada as towards Europe, as it puts in the same bag of the debilitating social-democracies.

Demography is a central thême of this book and the author does not balk with the simple examples to show at which point it is fondamententale: thus it in the form of semi-joke explains which one has more chances to carry out a victorious revolution with 2 million men than with a handle. Obvious? Simplistic? Perhaps, but why then demography isn't more often evoked? Consequently the majority of the countries of Western Europe, Are and Russia are denounced as with the anguish. Steyn is also ironical about what it calls the "écochondriaques ones", terrorized by the climatic changes whereas we do not make any more children to see them.

Mark Steyn nevertheless tends clearly to see midday with its American door. Concerning the birthrate, the US ones post a "score" of 2,1 children per woman, figure making it possible at least to maintain its population, higher than the European and Canadian figures. It returns several times the load with this relative performance, while knowing that it is in good part due to the birthrate of the latinos. In the same way if it denounces the harmful influence of the wahhabism near the Moslems of the whole world, it is hardly delayed on the good persistent agreement between the US ones and Saudi Arabia, that it regrets nevertheless.

The politically correct jargon of the media takes some for its rank. Thus it asks whether the "young people" about which one speaks in France prénomme Pierre, Jacques, Marcel or Alphonse...

This book is really politically incorrect to employ a galvaudé term. It is written in an even slang rather familiar language, with many, easy way flashes of wit and pun (I had in louper: - (. All serious even dramatic that it is, one is found with smiling or even bursting of laughing with its reading.

If that isn't confusing enough, take a look at the comments:
As you underline it, it sees midday with its door, because that does not go very well over there either. Universalization the key too.

Writing by: Stephane | 22.10.2007

Universalization is not the subject of this book nor of this note.
One speaks about it already enough like that!

Writing by: Proton | 23.10.2007

I.e. for me the phenomena which Mark Stein describes are consequences of universalization.

In short, for my opinion, to solve them, it is necessary to cease universalization "maelstrom civilisationnel". If not, that will continue.

Writing by: Stephane | 23.10.2007

To my humble opinion, American will be victims of the same "evolutions" as those which await us. Same causes involving the same effects. With this close that they remain basically patriotic, which they the same islamist problem, that they do not have "profit" from a complex on-powerful militaro-industrialist and hold between their hands the world economy by the means of the dollar. It does not remain about it less than all that is very fragile (démographiquement and economically) and than if Europe breaks down, States will not be long in following...

Writing by: CCRIDER | 23.10.2007

And if Europe and States break down, I am not convinced that the rest of the world will be well carrying either!

Writing by: Stephane | 24.10.2007

While looking at the chart of the world of the visitors of this blog, I realiserealises which it is frequente by a great number of alive French has the etranger (of which I make party).

At the time of my departure (1991) only 50 000 French per annum left the hexagon counters approximately 200 000 in 2006. One year ago Lang Jack affirmed that one needed regulariser office the 700 000 clandos on the French ground to compensate for the exile of the nationals... More comic one article of Libe compared French of the etranger with noble the emigres has London during terror revolutionnaire... Seriously since Revocation of the Edict of Nantes which entraina the escape of the French Protestants, it does not have there equivalent in the French history of such an exodus of young, adventurous population and well formee.

I have the paradoxical impression that the problems of declin and national loss of identite jump to the eyes of the French emigres but are completely ignore by the gross majorite our compatriots. The doctors are formal: one cannot look after a patient who refuses considerer badly revolves it of sound. And what is valid for an individual is also for a country...

Writing by: Raspoutine | 25.10.2007

They are rather funny these Raspoutine meters.
I put in 1 the 1st time that of the collar of right-hand side: quantitative report/ratio of 3 on average with the daily meter of hautetfort (+ generous)...
Then I more recently added that of left, it seems to give intermediate values to the 2 others!
In more the 2 geographical meters the same origins do not give completely, some pass on one but not on the other and I am not sure that it is coherent with the quantitative difference.
One does not go râler at the price of the meter of blogist but it is nevertheless bizaroïde.
I think that there must be technical explanations but for what I include/understand there.
There is bcp connections of Am. North since qlq days, not difficult to guess that my last note (with google) there is for much.

Concerning the bottom of your Com. the English have fun of what they call it + great French immigration in England since... William the Conqueror.
For the differences in perception, I think that there is like principal reasons:
- media and their purring,
- the fact of being "inside" and "all the time": an external and noncontinuous observation makes it possible to see things to which the buildings are accustomed imperceptibly.

Writing by: Proton | 25.10.2007