2007 Baseball season review that doesn't mention Colorado

(er, except for the title)

The blogosphere has been demanding to know how my teams did in fantasy baseball this year. Well, now I can tell you:

Team "Ted Morton is the Man" finished 5th/12 in its semi-private league playoffs, following a 4/12 showing in the regular season. This is the one where the asshole commissioner changed the draft time pretty much 10 minutes after I (the final team) joined the league. I suspect that he and his friends (the other 11 teams) coordinated this all by phone, so I missed most of the draft. I really wanted to win this one and rub it in their face. Too bad I, you know, lost track of the team and didn't adjust the matchups for those final two weeks. This was a huge team (lots of positions), with Prince Fielder, Khalil Greene, Carl Crawford, Matt Holliday, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Rich Aurillia, Joe Mauer, Octavio Dotel, Trevor Hoffman, Jared Weaver, and Brian Fuentes.

Team "Alberta Mariners" did about as well as the team with this name does every season: 12/12 at the end of the regular season, and winless in the playoffs for a final tally of 12/12. Not fun. This team consisted of the likes of Prince Fielder, Julio Lugo, Coco Crisp, Billy Wagner, Bronson Arroyo, Jeff Francoeur, Willy Taveras, Scot Shields, Mariano Rivera, Milton Bradley, and Jeff Suppan.

In thrilling action, Team "Royal Alberta Navy" finished 3rd out of 12th in the regular season and held on to a 3rd place finish in the playoffs: finishing 5-3-2 in the semifinals (insufficient offense) kept the team out of the championship match. The Royal Alberta Navy included players like Rickie Weeks, Bengie Molina, J.D. Drew, Hanley Ramirez, Zach Duke, Jonathon Papelbon, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Jake Peavy, Brandon Inge, and Adam LaRoche.

In our buddy league, the aptly-named "PossiblyMayNotBe1st" finished 7/8, pulling out of 8th place in the final few days of the season. Painful, but to be expected I suppose when your team includes Adam Dunn, Corey Hart, Julio Lugo, Ramon Hernandez, Gary Matthews Jr., Brade Hawpe, Chris Capuano, Brandon Webb, Justin Germano, and Esteban Loaiza.

Better luck to all my teams next year.