July 28, 1980 (Miami)

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
- George Santayana
Ed Stelmach is an idiot.

In the wake of the announcment of the new royalty program yesterday, I don't think I can say anything on the matter more poignantly than Claudia Cattaneo's column today in the Financial Post:
Under the new policy, the province appears to have has shrugged off its potential to be a global energy leader and opted instead for mediocrity, bigger government and an adversarial relationship with the sector that has lined its pockets.

It's a deal that places Alberta alongside the hydrocarbon-rich Banana Republics of this world - places like Kazakhstan, Venezuela and Ecuador - where deals are ripped up and promises broken.

If you want proof that this was a bad idea, look at the identities of all the bloggers who either support this or believe Stelmach didn't punish those evil oil companies enough for the crime of buoying our provincial economy:
La Revue Gauche
Troy's Scribbles

Update, October 27 2007 12:07am: Plawiuk linked to Ken Chapman's gushing over Stelmach's screwup. Anybody who still talks to Bill Hunter rather than stroking firearms menacingly at him is clearly the last person you want to hitch your horse to.



So you like being a renter of resources rather than the owner.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

What the hell have I, or you, or Ed Stelmach for that matter done that would possibly give us reason to be 'owners'?

Not to mention, say, a guy from El Salvador who moved to Alberta in 2004.


Since you like the Constitution so much its a little thing called provincial energy rights.