More from the 2007 MLB Division series

Please don't remind me about this post, seeing how my Cubbies were the first team to be swept.

But not the last. Boston (as predicted) won today, and Colorado won in 3 as well. Only the Bronx Bombers are holding out to make a series out of it.

It was also the day to clear up some confusion: I had thought that the best of five was alternating between cities from game to game, starting with the team with the best record (or the non-wild card). So it would go Cleveland, New York, Cleveland, New York, Cleveland. That was never actually the method: the winningest team gets 2 home games, then 2 away, and the 5th game at home: Cleveland, Cleveland, New York, New York, Cleveland. Before 1998, the disadvantaged team played their home games first: New York, New York, Cleveland, Cleveland, Cleveland.