Does Warren Kinsella even read his own crap?

Small Dead Animals is reporting the interesting story about how Bob Rae apparently referred to the softwood lumber deal as the "Munich Agreement" [but in his defense he didn't refer to the word "pact", so that apparently means something! -ed] which meant somewhere in there Harper and Bush were Neville Chamberlain and Hitler. Not sure how that works, but fine. (I dealt with the softwood lumber pact in this space as well)

Anywho, at the end of the blog entry Kate notes readers have reported
Warren Kinsella is covering this on his blog too.

May 10, 2006 - I now have confirmation from more than a dozen people who were present at the LPC(O) leadership forum in Toronto last Friday: Bob Rae did, in fact, liken the softwood lumber agreement to the Hitler-Chamberlain Munich Pact. Which certainly suggests Rae analogizes Harper and Bush, jointly and severally, to Hitler and Chamberlain.
I'd ask his campaign who Rae regards as Hitler, in that scenario, if they got back to me. Which they did not.
This is so bloody depressing. And it's reason #3,451 why a lot of us aren't so involved with the Liberal Party of Canada anymore.

Er, excuse me? Warren Kinsella? Did you just say that offhand references to Nazis was a distasteful tactic performed by the Liberals? As the title to this blog indicates, I don't think that Warren actually reads his own books! Wasn't Kinsella a highist-ranking Liberal Party official at the time he basically decried that the entire right-wing movement in Canada was racist neo-Nazis on the basis of one or two anti-Semites who attended a rally once?

Kinsella is the last person who should be opening his mouth on the subject of Nazis.