Whyte Avenue Ass

So today I went downtown to witness the Edmonton Oilers fan parade. It was pretty enjoyable, which is to be expected. Before that got underway, however, 11am was a celebration at City Hall for Norwegian Constitution Day.

If you want photos from the fan event downtown, Colby Cosh took fancy pictures. I photographed the event as well, concentrating more on the crowd. Here's what I took:

So that's my contribution to the blogosphere coverage of the Oilers fan "event" (Battle of Alberta is currently arguing over whether or not it was a parade that I photographed)

Remember about a month ago when I discussed how Google Images has nothing for "whyte ave ass" on search strings? Well, I decided it was time to take some photos myself that let people around the world discover:

There's hot chicks on Whyte Avenue in Edm
onton, and they have hot sexy ass and boobs.

So without further adieu, here are the photos: