Eating crow, and finding it tastes a lot like the chicken burgers they sell at Rexall

Remember when I said that Ilya Bryzgalov wasn't all that hot because all he did was hold the Flames to one goal in two games, which a trained monkey with shinpads could probably do one game out of 20? Remember how I said that once he faced a high powered Colorado offense he would fold like Superman on laundry day?

Er, yeah. So, um...Anaheim sweeps the same Avs who beat the Dallas Stars 4-1 on the strength of their hot new goalie who held the Avs to 4 goals in 4 games, with 2 shutouts and a series-wide 0.87GAA. So much for that theory, eh?

On the bright side, I also basked in Cam Ward's acheivements, and he has been stellar against the New Jersey Devils with a 1.45GAA and a shutout...who'd have thought Ward v. Brodeur would end in a shutout for Ward. I mean seriously.

Oilers vs. Sharks Game 4 tonight. At least we aren't getting swept! On the down side, Ottawa didn't get put away last night, so I don't enjoy the thrill of my 29th favourite team going down to defeat.