Oilers Playoffs 2006: 8 wins down, 8 to go

Yes, the Edmonton Oilers are now halfway to their 6th Stanley Cup (which would put us unopposed at 5th place on the all-time list of cup winners, after Montreal, Toronto, Detroit, and Ottawa, surpassing our current tie-for-fifth with Boston).

Just a friendly reminder about the last time a Duck met an Oiler:

Brief Aside: During the game, Kelly Hrudey took time away from commenting on how nervous Toskala looked for the first 30 seconds of gametime to point out Ryan Smyth's attempted play cut off by Toskala's positioning. "I don't know much mathematics, but what I do know is" Hrudey began. I almost broke the television. Gorammit man, I've told you twice now to stop doing that!

Side note somebody at work mentioned: Oilers home games make the team somewhere in the $1.25 million range, not counting spinoff revenues from deep playoff runs. By that measure, how much of Mike Peca's $4 million salary that was generally (and accurately) considered to be wasted money has Peca paid back by getting the game-winning-goal in Game 6?