Why can't leftists protesters co-ordinate?

I mean seriously! Why else would thousands in New York march to protest the United States getting involved when Iraqis were being killed by their government and then days later thousands in Washington D.C. march to demand that the United States get involved in Darfur?

You sort of can't have it both ways. If it was bad for the United States to invade Iraq despite having done nothing directly to the U.S., it must also be bad for the United States to get involved in Sudan.

But wait, you say: the U.S. doesn't have to invade Sudan, just get involved.

No, they pretty much have to invade. The Sudanese don't want to help the poor innocent people in Darfur getting slaughtered. They tacitly approve of what's going on, and therefore any meaningful progress can only come from a new government in Khartoum. Three guesses how we can do that.