Coffee Talk - With Linda Richman Feynman and Coulter's Love Child

This will be my last post for a good long while: I'm going on vacation! (One of the benefits of anonymous blogging is being able to say this and not risk home invasion and the likes)

So for roughly 3 weeks, I will not be posting to this blog. Or reading this blog. Or any blog, really. (I'm not going somewhere where I'm likely to have internet access, which is a bit of a shame with Fantasy Baseball and Oilers Playoffs calling on my internet needs)

So anybody who stumbles across this, here is your free time: have a little private discussion. This entry's comments section can be a little freestyle ranting in my absence. As Linda Richman would say:

I'm a little verklempt.

Talk amoungst yourselves.

Here, I'll give you a topic:

The New Democratic Party is neither new nor democratic nor a party. Discuss.

See you soon everybody!