Google Gas

Earlier I discussed how donairs and gyros are almost the same thing, but not quite, and that its hard to converse with an American when she has no idea what the slightest terms mean.

Well, a hot topic these days is the price of gas. So when I'm asked "what's gas running at over there", I answer, as one might expect, 101.9. (You know, I'm sick of gas prices sounding like radio stations... 97.3, 100.3, 103.9...that should never be talking about the price of fuel).

Of course, to an American, 101.9 sounds like a temperature, not a pump price. What do to? Well, the easiest thing is just to consult the oracle of Google. That's right:

1.019 canadian dollars per litre in american dollars per gallon is a search string which will let you take any Canadian dollar price per litre and convert it into Yankee greenbacks per gallon. Naturally, you can do the reverse as well.


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