Hey! Batters! Leave them umps alone! All in all it's just another fine in the wall

On April 26th, a Tampa Bay Devil Ray prospect threw a bat at an umpire after a disputed call, and today was suspended for 50 games. Forgetting for a moment that the D-Rays actually have prospects, its the more serious fine ever levelled in the history of something called the International League.

So in today's 14-3 romp of the Yankees by the Boston Red Sox, what does Bernie Williams do?

Well, he threw his helmet at an umpire. Now in many ways this incident wasn't nearly as serious. You can view the bat-throwing incident on YouTube. No such free video seems available yet on the Williams helmet toss, but Bernie merely tossed his helmet backwards in disgust. It didn't quite hit plate umpire Charlie Relaford, and didn't seem like it was particularly intended to. Likewise, it seems likely there'll be further penalties issued.

Now some web commentators are saying umps are bringing it on with their stupid calls. Certainly Doug Edding deserves about 50 bats-to-the-head.

Can we maybe find some sort of fitting tribute though for Bill McCreary, Kelly Sutherland,Mike Leggo, and Michael McGeough...all of which deserve to have something heavy hurled towards their skulls.


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