Ahh, I hate 2-1 games... even when we're winning them

Currently Oilers are up 2-1 in Game 5 down at the Shark Tank. I'd much rather a nice 3 goal lead going into the second period.

I've been unable to blog due to drinking for Game 4, and then last night, and then again for much of this afternoon. My liver is going to hate me. So is my wallet. (Side note: never go bowling! $90 for 5 frames!)

Game 4 was... awesome. Incredible. The after party was fairly good as well, even though the police caused more than a little bullshit. The Edmonton SUN covers it here, which I enjoyed because I'm mentioned in the article. No, you won't find any violation of anonymous status.

One man claimed in an e-mail he saw revellers struck by police officers armed with batons, and two others knocked over by an EPS sport utility vehicle travelling at walking speed.

By the end of the evening, fans who had been chanting "Go Oilers Go" were instead screaming "F--- the police!", he said.
That fan would be me. There's actually a little feedback from my statement on the Battle of Alberta weblog, notably from Colby Cosh and LoweTide, but despite your first impression I was not chanting along with Ice Cube and Easy motherf'ing E. I was delivering the lines over and over, screaming them up and down the streets at the top of my particularly impressive lungs, in the style of Jay (Jason Mewes) from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Good to know that I got the point across.

Game 5 isn't going so well though. Edmonton is leading still going into the 3rd, but only by 1 goal, and thats just not enough in the Shark Tank. They need to stop getting penalties (even though the Sharks are so far unsuccessful, its only a matter of time, and the PK lines are getting exhausted), and need to create more quality chances in the San Jose zone...Toskala's SV% is pretty low in this game, and more good shots on him should produce results up on the board.

At least the Oil are doing better than my baseball pool team, down 1-11-0 with only today left to come back. Damn do I hate it when that happens.. I seem to have run out of starting pitchers.