@hamiltonguy - Even for a plastic straw hater you're retarded

So "plastic as a carbon sink" is "hilarious O&G disinfo" according to Mark.

So if you ask Mark, plastic isn't a "carbon sink" which means the following two things must not both be true:

  1. Plastic is not made up of carbon
  2. The carbon within the plastic will easily break back down and enter the carbon cycle 

Everybody got that? Now presumably even as a plastic hater Mark isn't completely stupid enough to not notice that plastic contains carbon (in the form of hydrocarbons). That is in fact their entire argument.

So that leaves (2). The problem is that "plastic doesn't break down" is another key argument with the climate cultists. They couldn't possibly claim plastic doesn't biodegrade and then instantly call it "disinformation" that plastic cannot degrade, right?


That's right, hours if not minutes earlier Mark had argued that plastic doesn't biodegrade!

You have to pick a lane, you green-brained idiot! If it's not biodegradable it's therefore also a carbon sink. There is no third option.