"spoiled by the wittering of the weasel Welby"

Over at the Conservative Woman, Sir Charles Chatterton reviews the recent coronation ceremony (as last seen here):

When the procession to Buckingham Palace began, I left the Abbey for my club to find some much-needed liquid refreshment and resume important constituency work with my secretary Catherine. As I walked through the soggy detritus left by the crowd, I could not resist the feeling that I had just witnessed a long-standing play at the end of its run that had begun to perform to dwindling audiences. The band played well, the costumes were impressive and the lines well rehearsed, but the players were aware that the plot was hackneyed, the songs were overfamiliar and the artifice had faded. It brought to mind Kipling’s Recessional written at the time of the pomp and ceremony of Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.
Far-called, our navies melt away; On dune and headland sinks the fire: Lo, all our pomp of yesterday Is one with Nineveh and Tyre! Judge of the Nations, spare us yet, Lest we forget – lest we forget!
I am pleased to say that the day ended well. I had prepared for the need of a booster or two by ordering a bottle of Glen McYousaf 12 Year Old Single Malt. That greatly helped my deliberations with my secretary leading to the composition of a series of strident letters to relevant Ministers objecting to property developments in the beautiful villages that adorn my estate.