@bearclannation - Please point me to your tweets acknowledging climate change ended in December 27, 2021

Alberta is currently suffering through the annual wildfire season. As usual when this happens, morons like Janice the Red Indian claims it's because of global warming.

Yet two important caveats come to mind: as the post title notes, there are also days where we are well below the norm. Christmas 2021 was the most recent bad one, but February 2023 was pretty bad as well, and February 2021 was even more brutal. Spoiler alert: you won't see Red Janice talking about global warming on those days.

Meanwhile, hours after her moronic comment millions around the world watched as King Charles III was given his Coronation in London, where it was cold and rainy to the extent a military flyby was nearly cancelled.

Or, closer to home, she could ask about the snowfall that plagued the American midwest (and parts of Ontario) just a week ago, or areas of the U.S. near southern Saskatchewan (currently part of the heat wave discussed below) losing record wild game to severe cold. The biggest problem about global warming, as always, is that its not particularly global. Indeed Janice's brain-dead complaints will fall on (relatively) deaf ears, as all the power centres of North America are all well below normal.

As you can see, where Janice lives apparently is the only place suffering from "climate change". You'd think the climate wouldn't end on the western border of Idaho like that, but here apparently we are. Huge swathes of people are enduring "snow, rainfall, and cool temperatures".

The Alberta wildfires are certainly a problem, and can quite possibly by caused by humans: as a result of her child race's misguided "conservation" efforts we have stopped having effective policies in place to farm resources on the land in a method which removes much of the combustible material required for these burns. Meanwhile we get brain-dead city dwellers who continue to toss cigarette butts out of their vehicles (this is believed to be the cause of the spreading fire at Township Road 540 and Highway 21 yesterday), or people like Maltz who insist on having campfires the same year Slave Fucking Lake burned to the ground.