@Onebadmum2 - Or you could learn how awesome Sir John A. was

About a month back, the University of Victoria named two student housing buildings in a dead language by an inferior people who could never build actual housing, let alone a university necessitating student housing.

It's spelt in what could most charitably be described as an exotically calligraphied type of gibberish: Čeqʷəŋín ʔéʔləŋ 

For those who aren't keeping track, it's an old Indian word meaning "you whites are superior, please make us live in schools until we're 1/10th as good as you are". In fairness, that's what so many of them are.

It's all a lie, a frantically lame effort in myth-making. It deserves to be belittled. It's no different than the shitty fake wards they named in Edmonton, or indeed the road connected off Cameron Heights that nobody can pronounce so we just give it the most obvious name.

Bad Mother here hasn't given us any reason to "learn" this stupid nonsensical garbage. Better we spend our time learning about how great it is that the British took over this continent and did what they do best: made it better.

As per the post title, Sir John A. MacDonald wasn't perfect, but he was a great man and the same people who want to tear him down want to instead build up this ridiculous lie of "ceqwenjinelen" meaning anything other than "our pathetic race is being needlessly treated with kid gloves".