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The Alberta NDP's war on what makes us better:

Unfortunately, like Reagan's story and unlike the original Little Red Hen story, this one comes with an evil witch. Rachel Arab's plan will try to extract more money into the coffers of the provincial governemnt. While the province is indeed the owner of this resource, by unfairly and unnecessarily increasing the royalties (or, as leftists keep oddly calling it, "the rent") the overall level of wealth in the oilsands is going to decrease, not increase. This means that the labours undergone by those who are doing the work will be compensated less lucratively than is currently happening (which is already below the "matching the value provided to create the wealth" that a purely capitalist system would provide). This punishes the Little Red Hen in the name of "fairness" while the ducks, pigs, and geese get a free payday in return for their vote. It's sick and abhorrent, and matches with the sort of perverted lessons that the Dippers will be directing into education over the next four years.