@KarlTous - It's always one of two things

Whenever leftists like Karl accuse conservatives of something, in 99.5% of all cases it calls into two buckets:

  1. Things that conservatives should be doing, but aren't
    This includes such classics as "privatizing healthcare" (a wonderful idea that I'm still waiting on) or "imposing our morality on others" (it's not our fault that our morality is better than theirs)
  2. Things that leftists are currently doing and shouldn't be
    This includes such things as "using political positions for personal gain" (such as Bev Oda's $16 orange juice versus everything that the Liberals have been doing over the past couple years), "imposing our morality on others" (and yes, this oddly enough falls into two categories), and of course "controlling public opinion through disinformation and grabbing power".

At the same time last month that Karl was falsely claiming that Pierre Poilievre was trying to control public opinion through disinformation, the evil Liberal Government was pushing a series of laws intended on controlling what Canadians are allowed to discover and express, and then consistently and blatantly lying about it (and "grabbing power by subverting democracy" at the same time).

This is the same government that insists they need to steal tax dollars to fund the CBC to lie about conservatives, steal tax dollars to fund far-left artists to lie about conservatives, and then themselves openly deny the evils they used to brag about.