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The BLM Flag Is The Hammer And Sickle In Blackface

Brendan O'Neill (ignore all the empty whining about "murder"  and the like):
The transformative element, the key, was the involvement of the elites. This is the most striking, and concerning, aspect of the past year of post-Floyd mania: the way the elites conferred legitimacy on the protests, even on the riots, helping to intensify and spread this strange and violent instability. It was extraordinary, and unprecedented in modern times. Vast swathes of the political class, the establishment media, the academy, social-media oligarchies and influencers throughout the West essentially gave a green light to an explosion of destructive rage and identitarian regression.

Brett Stevens on how conservatives should and should not look at race issues:

Here the Buckleyite conservative — William F. Buckley removed discussion of race and culture to make conservatism palatable to the post-WW2 liberalized West, and reduced conservatism to mean “Christian libertarianism” — makes two fundamental logical errors.

First, he wants to talk about fairness instead of equality. In fairness terms, a White person who acted like George Floyd would have gotten the same treatment. In equality terms, a Black person gets better treatment because he is less wealthy, intelligent, and powerful than White people are presumed to be.

Second, he tries to trap the Left into contradiction by pointing out their hypocrisy. This typically moronic conservative misstep, DR3, delights conservatives who think, “Ha ha! We’ve got the hypocrites now!”

In reality, Leftists do not think like conservatives, who believe equality=fairness. Leftists want subsidies. They want it in socialism, and they will demand it in race, much as they did when equalizing the peasants to the kings with the guillotine. Kill the higher, raise the lower.

To them, it is not hypocritical to demand special treatment for the lower; in their view, that is the whole point of the exercise. You cannot raise a peasant up to be a king, but you can demand that the king die so that the peasant can have some loot and fewer rules organizing him.

Conservatives have been Leftists for so long that they have forgotten what it means to be a conservative. Leftists support equality; conservatives do not. That would be news to most mainstream conservatives!

However, with the rise of the Tea Party, Brexit, and Donald Trump, conservatives are rediscovering the simple fact of all or nothing, which says that you either take conservatism to its logical conclusions or find yourself replaced by Leftists:

But as the upset victory of Donald Trump and his enduring popularity among Republican voters demonstrates, the “hard-right” approach isn’t detrimental to the GOP’s chances at the ballot box; it’s key. Republicans lose the support of the base, and thus lose elections, when they’re perceived as betraying conservative principles by being too moderate.

AP specifically points to Greene and Gaetz as examples of Republicans who have successfully leveraged their pro-Trump credentials into strong personal brands that put them above the reproach of party leadership.

The boldness and general lack of concern for political correctness has paid huge dividends for Greene. In the first three months of 2021, she reportedly raised $3.2 million. That’s more than double the $1.5 million the typical House GOP incumbent spent on the entire 2020 election. In an era in which Republican voters are hesitant to donate to the GOP as an organization, they’re instead donating directly (and big time) to lawmakers such as Greene whom they feel they can trust.

The GOP — who first and foremost are employees of government who want to get along with their colleagues and work the bureaucracy in a time when it leans Left — may not have realized this, but conservatives increasingly are.

The message that we cannot coexist with diversity and equality at all has steadily infiltrated the audience for the Right. We are realizing that by being reasonable, and compromising with the Left, we lost the culture war, and now we have a real full-blown crisis.

Lee Smith on the Democrats (implicitly included, other extreme-leftist political parties) using street violence as another item in their toolbox.

This is all “intersectionality” really is — a branding mechanism to unite the various sects the Democratic Party has gathered under a big and potentially bloody tent. The current-day Democratic Party is a top-down structure paid for by the corporate establishment, led by Big Tech and finance, that appeals to a small class of managers, technocrats, and educators who for a variety of reasons, from self-pity to psychopathy, really do back the party’s most sinister policies—like open borders, designed to impoverish America’s working middle class. The party has lots of money and owns virtually all of the country’s major institutions, from the press to the Department of Justice. What it lacks, however, is voters. So they packed together interest groups and turned them into clients.

The trick is making them all fit. From the outside, for instance, it makes no sense that activists from the LGBT wing show up in support of the pro-Palestinian terror wing. But what might seem to you like hypocrisy actually illustrates the basic premise, which is that these seemingly disparate groups actually do share a goal: upholding the Democratic Party. When LGBT activists are called to demonstrate on behalf of Islamic terrorists, they show up to fly the flag not for Hamas but for the Democrats.

The Z Man discusses the love of tribal gangsters as America's new State Religion:

No one has thought much about the implications. Last year, some “youths” were given a free pass for murdering a white man at the Frederick County Fair in Maryland. The reason the criminal justice system gave them that free pass is they claimed the white man used a racial slur. The fact that there was no evidence of this was never considered, because it is racist to question such claims. It was just assumed to be true and accepted as mitigation by the court.

What we have with this new religion is three main pillars. One is that black people are so special and precious, we must organize society to please them. Another pillar is that the condition of black people is not their fault, but the fault of white people and their white supremacy culture. The final pillar is that whites can only gain salvation by committing themselves to elimination of whiteness to the satisfaction of black people.

It is tempting to think that this new religion will crash into reality and go the way of other lunatic ideas. The spiraling crime rates are a good indication of what is to come. If the plan is to replace white men and white ways of doing things, then it means a world where planes fall out of the sky and urban water systems collapse. At some point, this reality will triumph over this new lunacy.

On the other hand, the ruling class shows no signs of faltering in their commitment to the new gods. The political class is launching an official inquisition into the white supremacy threat they swear is real. Presumably, they will be accepting spectral evidence and maybe bring back some of Torquemada’s tricks. The only way to defend “our democracy” will be to remove the only people capable of sustaining it.

 Steve Sailor on how one negro believed BLM's bullshit and paid the price for it:

Rockim Prowell is a 33-year-old black man from Inglewood with a simple dream: rob the living hell out of them rich whiteys in Beverly Hills. Rockim Prowell is also a guy who’s apparently seen the Mission: Impossible films a few times too many. He hatched a brilliant plan for his burglary spree: He’d disguise himself as a white boy! He bought one of those lifelike human masks, complete with wavy, messy brown Harry Potter hair and glasses. And off he went, to cast a vanishing spell on the possessions of the mugglesteins of Beverly Hills.

And here’s where BLM and other so-called black “representatives” failed one of their community’s finest. By constantly repeating the falsehood that black men are being targeted by cops, that a black man can’t even walk down a street without getting arrested for doin’ nuthin’, these “black leaders” convinced Prowell that if he just committed his burglaries as a whitey, he’d be left alone.

In fact, just the opposite is true. Prowell should’ve been reading VDARE, not Salon. Because then he would’ve learned that in fact it’s only white wanted criminals who get their pictures and full descriptions included in media crime reports. Yep, Rockim Sockim Robot screwed up royally. Every newspaper and local TV station broadcast and tweeted security camera pics and descriptions of the “Harry Potter bandit,” including info about the car he drove.

Had the burglar been understood to be black, it’s likely the media would’ve ignored the story. But by being white—by giving the L.A. press the chance to highlight a non-black criminal—Prowell brought so much heat down on himself, it was only a matter of time before someone spotted his vehicle.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary, at the Minneapolis George Floyd memorial niggers decided to...um...shoot each other (what did I just say yesterday?) and rob the superior white reporters who dared to publish their crimes to the world.

"From our vantage point we see one broken window, apparently from one of the shots fired," Crowther reported. "Consensus among reporters here at George Floyd Square was that we heard anywhere between a dozen and two dozen shots fired."

A fellow reporter "just had her phone smashed because she took photos of a storefront hit by a bullet," Crowther reported half an hour later.

Another journalist was also robbed and told to never "come back to George Floyd Square." Minneapolis Star-Tribune videographer Mark Vancleave said he had his drone "taken by three dudes working 'security' about a block from 38th and Chicago this morning." That's when he was threatened, he wrote on Twitter.

"And by security I mean the Bloods crew," Vancleave added.

Derek Hunter wonders why the elites (see O'Neill above) couldn't see what everybody knew: letting the BLM lie gain a foothold would make all the things the activists claimed to worry about even worse...

This is part of the problem, the part the political class doesn’t have the underwear content to truly tackle – the activist class. They know how to chant, they know how to emotionally manipulate a swath of the public, but they have no concern about the consequences of their actions. 

No amount of dead bodies bothers left-wing activists, they simply don’t care. And why would they care about generational economic depression when their objective is to destroy capitalism? Who cares if people can’t swim if you’re trying to blow up the pool?

The people elected in these areas change, oftentimes because they go to jail or die after years in office, so it’s not like there isn’t churn in leadership. A few years ago, when I was living in Baltimore, the new Mayor, who only became Mayor after the old Mayor was convicted of fraud, decided not to seek reelection. Half the City Council decided to give the big chair a shot. That freed up half the government for new blood.

While those seats were filled with new bodies, all those new bodies held the same bad progressive ideas. It doesn’t matter what the person in power looks like or does, it matters what they think. Race, gender, sexual orientation and all the other unimportant features of human beings Democrats obsess over don’t matter when the mindset is the same. 

The joke definition of insanity is doing something over and over expecting a different result. Maybe it’s not a joke. Or maybe Democrat voters are the joke. The problem is the joke is on all of us. And if we don’t get people to realize how unfunny it is, even though it may not have impacted us yet, it will. 

John Hinderaker on Minneapolis' (inevitable, as I explained a year ago) decline:

This increase in violence can only be due to the Black Lives Matter movement and the anti-police agitation that left-wing politicians and activists have eagerly promoted. There is, of course, no accountability in the liberal press, but who knows? There might be accountability at the polls in 2022.

But that’s not all. Above and beyond Minneapolis’s appalling crime statistics, there is a broader breakdown in social norms, in law and order. What used to be unthinkable has, over the past year, become not only thinkable but a daily reality.

Thus, lawless elements are drag racing on the city’s streets, cheered on by big crowds and apparently immune to arrest, as law enforcement retreats in response to hostility from the local political establishment. One such drag race recently culminated in a fiery crash in a tunnel used daily by many thousands of Minnesotans that was captured on camera. A couple of people burned alive.

In addition to drag racing, there is something called “burnouts.” Late last Saturday night, a big crowd–it looks to me like a couple thousand people–gathered in South Minneapolis to watch cars doing burnouts at a major Minneapolis intersection, Lake St. and Lyndale Avenue. This is not a slum, but rather the heart of “Uptown,” which historically has been one of Minneapolis’s main entertainment and retail districts. And yet large numbers of lawless individuals illegally blocked traffic on both major thoroughfares, in both directions. The festivities ended only when a car doing a burnout, whatever that is, inadvertently skidded into the crowd, sending at least one victim to a hospital. Personally, I find this video more shocking than an increase in gang violence:

Chris Roberts, speaking of urban decline, notes that white displacement is indicated by too many street murals (paging downtown Edmonton, downtown Edmonton please report to the white courtesy phone):

 “The Greenhouse Project exists to enable Liverpool’s children, young people and their communities to access opportunities that support their creative development, understanding and celebration of diversity [emphasis added].”

The Wikipedia page on Toxteth notes its “significant number of ethnic minority communities,” especially “from the Caribbean, Yemen and Somalia.” The section on “Unrest and Crime” is almost 700 words long and summarizes three different race riots.

Can a multicultural mural bring Toxteth peace and prosperity? Only the West’s rotten elite is foolish enough to think so.

Ethel C. Fenig (the "C" is there to distinguish her from the other pundits named Ethel Fenig, apparently) on why niggers themselves don't believe in the #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherfucker product they keep pedaling:

This pattern is national.  FBI statistics indicate that not only are blacks more likely to be crime or homicide victims, but the perpetrator is...no, not an evil white cop or a racist white, but...another black person.

Busy blaming everyone and everything for this dismal state of affairs, the Al Sharptons, the Jesse Jacksons don't confront this truth and deliver it to their followers, inspiring improvement.  Why should they?  Blaming others, refusing responsibility is much easier.  And certainly more lucrative.

And so, as anniversary ceremonies commemorate Floyd's death and its destructive aftermath ironically, support for the BLM movement itself has decreased.  The reasons are many but, certainly, the black-on-black crime rate and the cowardly failure of so-called black leaders to address the issue are factors.

Meanwhile, the innocents continue to suffer.

And finally, fellow American Thinker columnist Vasko Kohlmayer on which wonderful race really does selflessly care about improving black lives:

Rather than being institutionally oppressed, American Blacks have been accorded a whole array of institutional advantages over Whites.

This represents a truly remarkable state of affairs because it stands as the only known instance in history whereby a racial majority in power has voluntarily agreed to relinquish its standing and allow discrimination against themselves in favor of a racial minority.

We urge you to pause and spend some time contemplating the profound significance of this. Never before has such a thing happened in the annals of mankind.

Can you conceive of any other race that would ever do such a thing? Can you imagine an Arab majority voluntarily discriminating against themselves in favor of Blacks? Can you imagine the Chinese doing this? Or Indians? As far as Blacks themselves they have been known – when in power – to be among some of the most ruthless oppressors of other races and ethnicities. Can you imagine a ruling Black majority in any country relinquishing its power and discriminating against themselves in favor of a minority? This is simply unimaginable.

And yet White Americans have done precisely this. They are the only racial group in history about whom such a thing can be said. This is a historic achievement and a powerful testimony to the intrinsic kindness and goodwill of White Americans.

The help that White Americans have extended to Blacks is not limited to voluntary self-abnegation, reverse discrimination, and preferential treatment. In 2012, for example, nearly half of the Black population have been on some kind of federal means-tested program. According to the data provided by the United States Census Bureau, “at 41.6 percent, blacks were more likely to participate in government assistance programs in an average month” than any other racial demographic. As a point of comparison, Black participation in these programs was three times the rate of non-Hispanic Whites.

Thus, over the years, trillions of dollars have been pumped into the Black community through various government initiatives. From nearly thirty trillion spent on the war on poverty, a disproportionate share has flowed into the Black community. According to the analysis by Independent Institute: 

The estimated aggregate cost of the War on Poverty is nearly $28 trillion, which is three and a half times higher than the $8 trillion total price tag of every major war since the American Revolution.

If we make the assumption that the rate of Black participation in the War on Poverty related programs has historically been around 40 percent, Black people would have received more than 10 trillion dollars in government transfer payments as part of this initiative alone. Reparations, anyone?