@LemeritusPrime - Canada doesn't do any of these things either

As you'll note from above, Steve McIntyre is responding to the recent MLB decision to pull their All-Star game from Atlanta to Denver. You'll recall that the reason the MLB pulled out was opposition to the recent Georgia election law (which makes Georgia's elections...more like Colorado's than they were before...and the far-left "fact checkers" ignore that the similarities rather than the differences are what got FakePresident Biden's handlers all upset). Anyways, McIntyre's point is that all the things that were "wrong" about the Georgia law (and generally already exist in the Colorado law) are also present when Canadians cast ballots (though it's worth noting that the Shiny Pony, who leads the party who have always stuffed ballots and been themselves involved in election fraud, is trying to change that).

Lemeritus is, as the post title implies, demanding things that Canada also already doesn't do. Election day isn't a paid holiday: in theory you have to have 3 hours to vote, but since polls close at either 7:30pm or 8:30pm and most jobs are finished by 4:30pm this doesn't come up very much, especially since jobs that end closer to the close of polling haven't started 3 hours after the polls open. In practice what most impacted companies do is simply have you show up earlier than usual on election day so they still get x hours of work out of you. Polls are, as the link indicates, only open for 12 hours rather than 24. The handicapped get no special transportation other than their existing transit options, though some charities and political organizations take it upon themselves to provide this support. In fact, these "bussed voters" are typically how (nonwhite) Liberal Party candidates cheat: in the 1993 election for example Herb Dhaliwal would send the same bus of voters to multiple polling stations where they would all "vet" each other. Finally, of course, there's no methodology for people "without birth certificates" being exempted from ID requirements (though, as the Dhaliwal Affair indicates, McIntyre is being disingenuous for claiming a total Canadian ID requirement).

Now it's worth noting that Lemeritus might be referring to the Mollie Hemmingway tweet which McIntyre linked to:
Of course this is no excuse: as a rebuttal to Hemingway's suggestion it also falls short (and no "oligarchy" is involved). Again as Canadian elections indicate, a single-day vote is totally possible with only a 12-hour voting window (and, as Mark Steyn and Tal Bachman have often noted, Canada's paper system with scrutineers is better at delivering fast results too) and private voting booths. A small concession can be made for advance voting and out-of-country voting (and with a larger number of international embassies and consulates than Canada has, the U.S. could have an even easier time of using them rather than international mail-in ballots).

And we're still unclear as to why "ID requirements cognizant of those who are demonstrably eligible even w/o birth certificates" needs to exist. Such people almost certainly don't exist as it would be far easier to "demonstrate" they are fraudulent than explain why they don't have existing I.D. or a birth certificate.