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Dr. Seuss did nothing in his life to be ashamed of...Daunte Wright, not so much.

When the story broke last month, I remarked that we had little to go on but what little we did (and precedent) told us that Daunte Wright isn't somebody we should be too concerned with...let alone "passionately". It's difficult to imagine any sane person sobbing that a career criminal trying to flee police and risking the life of his own girlfriend: as the Gab I linked to in April remarked, the average person doesn't know many 20 year-olds with multiple warrants. Over at the (American) Spectator, Scott McKay delves even deeper into this. As I said, immediately after we knew little. Even 72 hours after we knew considerably more:
We can get this out of the way very easily. The Brooklyn Center police department employed, it appears, a female cop who after 26 years on the force can’t tell the difference in a stressful situation between a taser and a Glock pistol. To call this a failure of hiring and training would be a rather generous statement.
That this becomes less of a "murder" and more of an example of "diversity hires don't work out very well" certainly should shut up the likes of Bernice King. It won't, of course.
Mike Elliott, the African American Democrat mayor of Brooklyn Center, seems pretty intent on throwing under the bus as many underlings as possible in order to save himself, but he probably ought to go, too.

Particularly after what the mob did to Brooklyn Center in response to the Daunte Wright shooting.

We could have an argument about “diversity hiring” here. We could also have an argument, as Reason.com was insistent on raising Monday, about the deadly stupidity of laws like the one Minnesota has criminalizing the hanging of air fresheners or other items from the rearview mirror of a car. Reason‘s Billy Binion pronounced Daunte Wright dead as a result of that idiotic statute.

He’s wrong. That law, disgracefully ridiculous though it might be, did not kill Daunte Wright
Even Reason had to back down from that one. It's not a new thing in American politics nor is it anything that particularly impacts niggers. Al Capone was busted for tax evasion, remember, and films like The Untouchables champions police forces who find any flimsy excuse for "putting the bad guy away". This same left, one notes, employed the same strategy against President Donald Trump for the past half-decade and was concurrently employing it a hundred miles down the road against Derek Chauvin. A lot of the exonerated officers in police shootings tend to get fired for some unrelated and minor issue: if you get mad about air fresheners you need to also get mad about that.
Daunte Wright, or at least the life he led, killed Daunte Wright.

He wasn’t pulled over because he had air fresheners hanging from his rearview mirror. He was pulled over because he had expired tags on his license plate. Then it was noticed that he had air fresheners hanging from his rear view.

Then it was noticed he had an outstanding warrant.
Which, again, isn't something you'd think the average 20 year old would be guilty of. The outstanding warrant, I mean, not the expired plates. As you recall, last year when another nonwhite claimed poor treatment following expired plates I had to bring up a personal story that pretty effectively destroyed the narrative. It also involved a young person with expired plates, who's interaction with the police didn't go too well. The difference is that Jill didn't try to escape (and the police officer was a male).
Then it was noticed he resisted arrest.

Then it was noticed he got back in his car and drove away from the police. Which he had done before, as it turned out; Wright had fled from officers in June. The circumstances from which that police encounter arose make for scintillating reading. He was reported to the police for waving a gun around, and when the cops showed up it turned out Wright didn’t have a permit for the gun.

He ran away. And he was cited and ordered to appear in court. He didn’t, which occasioned the warrant for his arrest.
Helen Graves and Bernice King please take note: Dr. Suess never did any of these things: he never resisted arrest or carried illegal firearm. Daunte Wright did. Just like George Floyd and just like Jamar Clark and just like David Robert Ruozi and just like Mike Ramos and just like Eric Garner and just like Michael Brown and just like Laquan McDonald and just like Tamir Rice and just like Freddie Gray and just like Alton Sterling and just like Kenneth Walker.

Daunte Wright, much like George "Gorilla" Floyd, was also far from a paragon of virtue before this incident as well. As Julia LaPorta indicated on the aforementioned Gab post, "it must be a colored thing"(sic)
That’s not all that appears on Wright’s record. There was the February arrest for aggravated robbery. There was a disorderly conduct charge arising from a 2019 incident. There was the guilty plea in late 2019 to possession and sale of marijuana. And there was an arrest warrant for armed robbery; Wright was accused of choke-holding a woman and threatening her at gunpoint, demanding $820 intended to pay her rent.
If this sounds familiar to you, it should: George Floyd was similarly in previous legal troubles for property crimes, drug crimes, and threatening a woman during a home invasion. This is the man Helen Graves sobbed over? Much like Derek Chauvin, in retrospect this lady cop should get a medal.
Daunte Wright dropped out of high school, then fathered a child out of wedlock he couldn’t support with minimum-wage jobs and petty drug dealing. He had borrowed $50 from his parents to take his car to a car wash and had his girlfriend in the car with him, with expired license tags. He was stopped by the police, resisted arrest, and then attempted to drive away — which raised the likelihood that he would expose his girlfriend to bodily harm. She was apparently injured when, as he bled out following being shot by Officer Potter, he crashed the car attempting a getaway.
Who borrows $50 for a car wash? This smells like some sort of nigger drug slang. There are also some shades of the saga of Lily Tran in the manner of the girlfriend's (not fatal in this case) affair.
His parents are justifiably upset at his death. The loss of a child is one of the most heartbreaking events anyone could bear. Certainly our sympathies go out to them.

But Daunte Wright’s father called him “a great kid.” He said he was “a normal kid. He was never in serious trouble. He enjoyed spending time with his 2-year-old son. He loved his son.”

Great kids don’t fight with and then flee the cops. Great kids don’t bring the police around because they’re waving guns. Great kids aren’t arrested for aggravated robbery or for dealing drugs.
Now we're on the saga of Niko Arlia, the Edmonton kid who died because of his bad behaviour only to be assured by his family in the media how much of an angel he was. History truly is cyclical. Still, we shouldn't only listen to the people who Daunte Wright exposed to the sanitized version of himself to.

So this is about where we came in: why should I sob or be passionately concerned with a disgusting piece of trash like Wright? Regardless of the circumstances of his death I can't be too worked up that I woke up this morning in a world without him in it. I don't fret about criminals who die in what are essentially workplace accidents, and altering the skin colour doesn't change that. [quick quiz, in the discussion of criminals earlier there was one white man on the list: did you even notice? -ed].

For some reason though, tribal niggers like King and and the like seem to cling to these cases. More importantly their cases all turn out to be thuggish crooks.

That same week it was announced that Ashleigh Babbit, who had no criminal record and was only guilty of "crime" of being in a building Capitol Police ushered her into, will get no justice as her killer will walk free. Already her "privilege" is less than Daunte Wright and George Floyd, and yet strangely whites everywhere didn't march in solidarity with her...despite having much more justification than the rampaging nigger mobs in Minnesota. Why can't Bernice King rally around the cause?

Daunte Wright was full of hate
Daunte Wright deserved his fate
I don't like blacks who rape my wife
I don't like blacks who end my life
I do not like black liars and scams,
I do not like them Sam-I-Am