What I would do as Prime Minister

Okay, I'm sure you can think of a lot of items on this list...but after the recent John Cena apology for daring to call Taiwan a country, this thought that I had from months ago seems all the more important today.

As Prime Minister I would only recognize one China, and it's capitol is Taipei and its President is Tsai Ing-wen.

The Canadian Government would no longer recognize any country with a capitol in Beijing. I would ensure that Canadian Government communications only recognized it as a "gangster" or "criminal" organization run by "Warlord Xi". No Canadian consular services would be provided within those borders, and no residents of that territory would be permitted on Canadian soil excepting as refugees who vowed to cut all ties to that "country". It wouldn't take too many other countries signing on before things would start to change for the better over there. Recognizing the country of "China" and only speaking about Taiwan would be a huge start.

It goes without saying that the independent nation of Alberta will never recognize the legitimacy of any communist country (including Canada!)