Justin the logistics manager faces off against a 22 year old fraudster -- and still loses

Flashback: in February it was a "national disgrace" when Philadelphia was twiddling its thumbs at distributing the silly Wuhan Flu vaccine.

No one questioned the idea that a brand-new corporation led by a college kid would be able to pivot to a completely different business line in which it had no experience. When vaccines came onto the market, Doroshin and company abruptly dropped the testing business and shifted completely into vaccination, leaving many of their partner organizations in the lurch.

The contracts were put out to bid following the city’s good-government procedures, but those safeguards were immediately short-circuited when Philadelphia’s Deputy Health Commissioner Caroline Johnson told Doroshin how much to bid. According to e-mails obtained by the Philadelphia Inquirer, Johnson suggested that Doroshin start “conservatively” with a low bid, then request more once tax dollars started flowing from Washington to aid the vaccine effort.

Unsurprisingly, the inside information helped Doroshin’s company got the city’s biggest contract. Johnson sent a similar message to the Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium, according to the Inquirer, which at least is a group run by actual medical professionals. Doroshin’s vaccination site opened on Jan. 8 with Mayor Jim Kenney and several city council members attending, along with Johnson. She resigned after the news of her corruption became public.

A bunch of privacy rules were changed but that's a yawnfest in comparison to the other human rights that governments are halting due to the Wuhan Flu.

The coronavirus outbreak was initially a shock, and some rules were bound to be broken and corners cut. But the vaccine was released after months of waiting, time that could have been spent planning a good and honest system for distributing it. There was no need for the city to fly by the seat of its pants, rig the bid process, or place their trust in an unproven, unqualified, unscrupulous corporate partner.

Why not try harder? Because there are no consequences. Everyone on City Council will be reelected in 2023, even Henon if he manages to stay out of jail. Johnson was fired from her job in the Health Department, but she will likely be the only one.

Mayor Kenney is term-limited, but has the nerve to think that Pennsylvanians should elect him to the U.S. Senate. Why not? No one in the Philadelphia Democratic machine has ever suffered from the consequences of his ineptitude before. It is no shock that Kenney thinks the voters should give him a promotion.

The city government has been corrupt for a long time, but they used to also be able to get things done. Now, they miss even that low bar of minimal competence. The people suffer, while their political leaders skate away scot-free.

If this all sounds vaguely familiar, it should: the Shiny Pony has been equally bad at managing vaccine rollouts, and all ten provincial premiers are right behind him (it was Justin, of course, who signed on with a shady organization to help him out). Likewise, the leftist government leaders all shrug off their lousy COVID response while conservative ones are likely going to be wiped out in their next elections.

On February 4th, the day of Kyle Sammin's article, Pennsylvania had vaccinated 1,096,894 of its 13,011,844 population (8.43%) while Philadelphia County had only vaccinated 22,270 of its 1,584,064 population (1.40%).

On February 6th (Canada does not track daily), Canada had vaccinated 173,801 of its population of 38,048,738 (0.46%). In other words, Philadelphia the national embarrassment was 3x ahead of the Shiny Pony, and their rollout was managed by a politically connected GenZ!

As of May 15th Canada was 1,517,214 vaccinated (3.98%) while Philadelphia was 74,516 (4.7%) and Pennsylvania as a whole at 4,250,558 (32.7%). Even when there's a badly underperforming city of incompetent morons in the States, they can't compare to Rat Bastard 2.0