@JMWhit6 - So now truth is a defence?

It isn't true, though. There's no such thing as "systemic racism". Like all people who claim "systemic racism" is such a major issue, Jenny Whit here can't provide a single example. In this particular example there needs to be something in the "system" of internet service providers that discriminates against blacks.

That's specifically blacks there Jenny, not "poor people which includes a lot of blacks" or "needs an address in a neighbourhood that isn't fraught with vandalism and copper wire theft which includes a lot of blacks". What's your example of an actual rule or policy by internet service providers that goes against blacks?

However, it's good to hear the truth is a defence again: one notes that the truth is never considered a defence when used by whites or conservatives in a human rights trial. But hey, if the truth is back on the menu... [Lord of the Rings meme graphic deleted... -ed]

Thanks! This is fun!

Bonus lol: