@GautreauRachel - You write wonderful parodies, I'm unfamiliar with your work

Obviously, we've already covered how pathetic the woke garbage which is NuTrek is (just over a year ago, in fact). Based on the reviews of actual sensible humans, it doesn't even work as generic television.

Picard was laughable, and of course SJWDiscovery every season doubles down on getting some new actors with ever more wicked sexual orientations. Prodigy, for those (ie. everybody) who hasn't heard of it, is a new "kids-themed" Trek series featuring Kate Mulgrew, since Star Trek:Voyager apparently wasn't childish enough (hey-yo!). For those thinking maybe it would undo some of the other NuTrek issues, one of the head writers was in this group of left-wing morons.

Strange New Worlds is of course from the same group of writers who are responsible for the rest of NuTrek.

A wonderful time to be a Star Trek fan was 1979, or 1995. 2021? Might be one of the worst times.