@JustTravelBaby - Still no evidence of systemic racism

As you may have heard, United Airlines is going to hire inferior minority pilots.

We know they are going to be inferior because if 50% of the best (unhired) pilots were already nonwhites, they would have gotten jobs already. Whites make really good pilots, and they hire really good pilots, so (to date) their hires have mostly been white. None of this should be shocking or controversial. It's easy enough to demonstrate.

United Airlines operates in the United States of America, in case you needed that spelt out. In the good ol' USofA, it is illegal to discriminate against nonwhites in hiring policies. Their Aviate pilot training and hiring program is equally subject to those laws. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, unfortunately, hasn't been finding many examples of actual discrimination though. Like lying negresses with Instagram accounts, they've been forced to claim discrimination because companies use their legally mandated right to check criminal records and turn around and hire fewer niggers since they commit so many crimes. That literally zero charges have been brought against United Airlines (you can't check if complaints have been registered, that's outside of Freedom of Information Act requests) seems like a pretty good slam dunk piece of evidence.

Now AireXperts made the claim that there are "barriers" to being hired, with the implied assumption that those barriers are racial in nature and/or unfair. Yet they can't name one. Neither can the TravelBaby. All he can note is the percentage of white and male pilots, as if that's evidence of something.

But all that's evidence of is that white men tend to become airline pilots more than nonwhites and women. It doesn't tell us anything about why. For all we know, 95% of airline pilot job applications are from white males, in which case maybe we need to look at their anti-male and anti-white hiring practices. It could be that if you throw 1000 nameless and faceless resumes at them, the world's airlines would pick the exact same proportion of white and male pilots as they currently do. 

Outcomes are barely evidence of the outcomes themselves. They speak nothing to any proof of discrimination at all, let alone bad discrimination (remember: there's a good kind, and airlines already use it to hire pilots).

We keep asking you to come up with examples of systemic racism. You still can't. Just give up already, it ain't there.