Wheat Kings and pretty things

With the recent news that Saskatchewan has decided to keep its current logo (a sheaf of wheat), I thought Third Edge of the Sword should list the other choices that Saskatchewan was contemplating. First, lets take a read from the article:

Deputy Premier Ken Krawetz said in a press release Monday that the newly elected government had stepped away from its plans to replace the 30-year-old logo "at this time."

"This idea generated a lot of feedback and discussion throughout the province," Krawetz said in the release. "Some people like the idea. Some, however, do not."

The plan to find a new logo to iconize the booming prairie province was announced by the newly-elected Saskatchewan Party last week.

Krawetz previously said the wheat sheaf was outdated. He thought a new symbol should be found to represent the province's growth from merely an agricultural producer.

But a mission to save the sheaf hit radio talk shows and the Internet. Online polls found overwhelming opposition to the change and more than 300 residents opposing the change joined a Facebook group over the weekend.

    Top Ten Rejected Saskatchewan Logos to Replace Wheat
  1. Barley
  2. Flax
  3. Oats
  4. Canola
  5. Triticale
  6. Rye
  7. Sorghum
  8. Maize
  9. Millets
  10. Three sheafs of wheat