World Juniors

Well, this is my first hockey related post on here since the North of 49 hockey blog started up, but I want to say a quick word about the Juniors that are on in Czechoslovakia right now.

Canada won their first game 3-0 featuring a 44 save shutout by Jonathan Bernier.

Which leads me to comments made by head coach Craig Hartsburg on Christmas Eve, when he announced that "both goalies would play".

Really? Even if, I opined at the time, Bernier goes and posts four consecutive shutouts? (He's now 1/4 of the way there -- and with 44 shots, even a 1.00GAA seems insanely impressive). Does Hartsburg seriously expect us to believe he would consider benching Bernier after letting in, say, 2 goals on 209 shots in 5 games? Unless, unless, Canada had cinched #1 in the round robin and Bernier was to be given a break before the playoffs?