Here's an idea:

Toronto — Hundreds of demonstrators urging the federal government to take action on climate change gave Prime Minister Stephen Harper a massive wake-up call on Saturday — literally.

With a single cellphone outstretched to the large crowd in downtown Toronto, student activist Jen Hassum dialled the Prime Minister's Office and joined the placard-waving crowd in shouting their demand that Ottawa recommit to the Kyoto Protocol and reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

Here's an idea: sometime next week at 5am, hundreds of pro-life Torontonians should hold a massive pro-life rally directly in front of Jen Hassum's house...

Update, 6:12pm: Ms. Hassum has so far eluded my search for her home address, but her office phone number for those who wish to reverse her little stunt is 416-978-4911 x228.

Update, 6:20pm: I almost forgot to observe the protester's sign in the photo accompanying the article: "J'AI CHAUD". That would be French for "I'm hot". Checked the news lately, buddy?