Possible Safeway Strike

Safeway workers have taken a strike vote today, but no results are yet in. It's not sure which way they'll swing.

Safeway offered $1.50 over the next 18 months, but the union rejects this as chinzty. Now I know a few Safeway workers, and several of them have expressed the sentiment "you know I can make $2.50 an hour more by working at Sobeys".

The problem is: why don't they just go to Sobeys? Walk your ass down there. They have big "Help Wanted" signs up at Sobeys. They have openings, just like every other retailer in the province. If you can make more money there, just go work there! They are hiring. This is not Winnipeg.

If Safeway workers want Sobey's money, why not just quit and go work there?