Always Low Prices. Just no clue what they actually are

I went to one of Edmonton's 73 Wal-Marts tonight to do some cheap-assed Christmas shopping... "$12.99 for an electric griddle? sounds awesome!". One of the places I scoped out was the electronics department, which is now home to the cheap video game bin -- I distinctly remember it being outside the electronics department a few months back. Anyways, the problem is that some of the games didn't have any price stickers on them. Worse, there was an NHL 07 for Xbox that was $18.99 as part of a "2 game value pack". The second game? No clue, as it wasn't packaged with the original. So I went to find one of the price check dealies.

The electronics section doesn't have one.

So I had to grab a staff member to test a few games, but then he disappeared off -- and the 2-game value pack didn't even say which game I got. With no clue what I could buy for what price, I just walked out of the electronics section and back to the electric griddles and $1.99 bottles of shampoo.