Merry Christ's Mass

This may be my last post until after the 26th, so I thought I'd throw in some Christmas tidbits to enjoy.

Cletus T. Judd's "Christmas" music video:

FAN960's 12 Days of Christmas from 2006. (their 2005 one was better)

The atrocious Star Wars Holiday Special (mercifully in only 5 minutes):

Mr. Bean's Christmas:

This is what I want for Christmas:

Do they know its Christmas? (East) Indians celebrating a holiday the British brought to them in good faith.

Taking Back Sunday also take on the 12 Days of Christmas:

(not sure why it keeps going for 2 extra minutes, but just skip that bit)

More Christmas carols from Larry the Cable Guy:

Gospel singers reveal the Real Meaning of Christmas:

Finally, if you want the real meaning of Christmas.

Like, the deep significance.

Then watch this video. But it will make you cry. I'm warning you:



K. Restoule said...

I loved the last video. At least someone got it right.