About that Bruce Springsteen ad...

As you may have heard, Bruce Springsteen and Jeep worked together to make a "unity" ad during the Superbowl, where they visited the Center Chapel in Lebanon Kansas, the centre-point of the 48 continental United States. Don't bother trying to watch the video on that page though: it has since been pulled when it turned out the whole time Springsteen was dealing with a charge of drunk driving. Not the best timing for a company who produces vehicles, though it's again interesting that it turns out it all went down long before the actual Superbowl.

However, let's ignore the criminal aspect for now. After all, after FakePresident Biden took office, it was part of the push for unity, yadda yadda yadda. Which is why they went to the centre of America to spread their message. Everybody "move to the centre" (apparently), and then we'll all get along. That's...kind of creepy isn't it? Wouldn't a more apt imagery be a "hands across America" sort of deal where the left coast (California) and the right coast (South Carolina) all stay where they are and believe what they believe but connect with each other? Meh, probably.

As I noted above, however, the Center Chapel is in Lebanon Kansas. Lebanon is part of Smith County. If instead of physically or symbolically moving to the centre of America as the Jeep/Springsteen ad apparently advocated, what if instead people politically moved to Smith County Kansas, and started voting more like the good folks who live there?

Now that's what I call unity!