Introducing a new Third Edge of the Sword style guide principle

As you know, we follow a strict writing style here as meticulously kept in a giant reference tome kept in an air-tight glass case (artist's representation pictured above) at Third Edge of the Sword world headquarters in Bath, England.

I'm sure you're aware of some of them. Today I officially announce a style-guide policy that should clear up a lot of confusion, especially since over the last four or five months I've been unofficially adhering to it.
  1. Anybody who has pronouns in their social media profile will always be referred to by different ones.
  2. Anybody writing positively about trannies and their support for them will be referred to by different pronouns.
  3. All trannies will be referred to by their actual sex, not their made up one
In cases where (1) and (3) are in conflict, both may be used interchangeably at author's discretion.

As an example, meet Mister Hammibal (note that according to the University of Bristol he doesn't exist). "She/her" pronouns? Nope.

Never surrender the language, conservatives. Ever.