Still Alice Eskimos

The Edmonton Eskimos, in their continued failed attempt to rebrand the team to satisfy a bunch of whining wokesters who don't (and won't) support the Canadian Football League, have submitted another batch of names to vote on.

They are, it's worth saying, total garbage. The "top" 7 picks all start with the letter E and are a single word: Elk, Evergreens, Evergolds, Eclipse, Elkhounds, Eagles and Elements.

On the bright side, they still have a write-in option. Which means the only valid team name, Eskimos, can be added at your leisure. Or, again, choose from the three alternate names we suggested in November:
  • Edmonton Redskins
  • Edmonton Engines
  • Edmonton Whites Because Whites are Superior

And remember that no matter what they choose, until they change the name back to Eskimos do not buy their merch. Do not attend their games. Do not (legally) watch their games. Let the NDP activists put their support behind "their" team.

If it's not the Edmonton Eskimos, it's not our team.