Espy with my little eye

The 2015 Espy Awards will be held on Wednesday evening. These are the infamous awards who decided to give Bruce Jenner an award for his courage in dressing up like a chick on the front pages of magazines.

But beyond that, there's another thing that struck my attention about this award show that I have never watched and never will watch, and that's that it is being put on by ESPN, the network that totally ignores hockey unless it absolutely has to notice it. [keep your eye on TSN, by the way, to see how long after losing the NHL TV rights before they start to act more like their parent company... -ed]

So, with the Espys yet to be broadcast (unlike most years, they will be shown live on Wednesday night, not taped and then replayed on Sunday) I think it's a good time to make a bold prediction about the awards.

The U.S. FIFA Women's World Cup Team will get more airtime on the 2015 Espy Awards than the NHL will.

I don't think that either will get much coverage, but the Women's World Cup Team will get more, because they won the gold medal (despite the fact that the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup). Don't worry, if they hadn't won gold the NHL would have gotten more coverage.

Unless, of course, if the Flames and Senators had been the two teams in the finals...