This blogpost proudly links to www.toronto2015.org

Hey, did you know the Pan-Am Games are on in Toronto? The event, commonly dubbed #TO2015 are being held in Toronto from July 10th to 16th. There is also a Para-Pan-Am Games, of course, but that's separate from the real Pan-Am Games.

So anyways, if you're interested in it, and are in Toronto, go check the Pan-Am Games out.

Why did I link to their website so many times? Here's why.

You may notice from the article the water bottle thing: at the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup they made you take the labels off any booze water bottles you smuggled legitimately and openly brought in. I did think that was sort of weird.

You may recall the "Toronto Tunnel" that was rumoured to be a Pan-Am related terrorist breeding ground that turned out to be a man-cave. Here's the extent of my coverage: