Trudeau and Mulcair won't live up to our international committments

BlackBurnNews has posted a quick status update on various DND procurement projects.

  • Fixed-wing search and rescue planes: Paul Martin's Liberal government first promised in 2004 to replace the aging C-115 Buffalo and C-130 Hercules with a single new platform of 15 planes. The program has faced multiple delays and a request for defence industry proposals went out last spring.

  • Maritime helicopters: The previous Liberal government signed a contract with U.S. defence giant Sikorsky to deliver 28 CH-148 Cyclone helicopters by 2008. The program has faced delays and technical challenges, resulting in two contract extensions. The Harper government recently announced the five-decade-old CH-124 Sea Kings would begin retiring this year as the Cyclone is phased into operation.

  • Drones: The air force's plan to field remotely piloted drones, first proposed in 2007, is still under consideration.

  • Battlefield helicopters: The Conservatives promised in 2006 to fast-track the purchase of C-147 Chinook battlefield helicopters. The process took eight years, but the air force and the army have their aircraft.

  • Heavy-lift transport planes: The Conservatives promised to buy a fleet of C-17 Globemasters. They purchased four transports through a sole-source contract in 2007-08 and added an additional plane this year.
As well, a quick reminder: Harper's defense spending falls short of what Canada agreed to, so be sure to hammer Trudeau and Mulcair over their willingness to commit to further spending.