Winnipeg Forks violence: they aren't #IdleNoMore

Winnipeg was marred with violence on Canada Day.

Nearby, earlier the same evening, a teenage boy was slashed with a machete during a fight at The Forks skateboard park. The boy was taken to hospital in stable condition.

"We're certainly looking into the possibility that it is gang related or gang motivated," said Const. Jason Michalyshen.
The CBC helpfully shows the video, and despite the blurred faces you can tell that it's a bunch of savage Indians involved. (Another clue: nobody moved to stop the culpit after the event). There's no video of the knife-play that sent three men to hospital from almost the same location as the video, but you can take a guess.

Being the CBC, naturally the commentards theorized that it was Harper's fault. After all, Alberta/Saskatchewan/Manitoba have the highest crime rates. Sure they also have the highest Red Indian populations, but hey let's not quibble! They must be the conservative voters' faults.