Edmonton SUN editors don't like comments critical of hiring retards for some reason

The Edmonton Fringe came under controversy a couple weeks ago when they told a disabled volunteer that he couldn't volunteer for the position he volunteered for.

It was, of course, a perfectly sensible decision. As I wrote in the comments to the article (in reply to this:

What was so wrong about it? A volunteer applied for a position which the organization has determined requires skills he does not possess.
the Fringe does not believe that Daniel can contribute to this role in a meaningful way
Crazy thing, The Fringe absolutely should be (in a perfect world, which thanks to the sick political views of most Fringe attendees it is far from) the final arbiter of whether or not a given applicant can contribute to the role.
If the Fringe is wrong about this on a technical level, then they suffer with a less perfect festival than otherwise. If they're wrong only to the sensitivities of the SJW class and through their "discriminatory" practices of picking people really good for the job, then I applaud them and the successful festival they will have.

So it probably shouldn't surprise you that the Edmonton SUN online censors removed the comment. After all, we can't have common sense in the comments section: notice that the only comments remaining are all in favour of putting the retard in the role he wanted to be in. That there are more volunteer candidates for the Fringe than actual volunteers just hasn't occurred to this crowd of social justice warriors. And, as the title notices, if organizations are free to start shedding their staff of retards...