It's okay to be white (any other colour is up for some debate)

Greg Hood discusses why Scott Adams got in so much trouble for saying "Ethnic Group A should stay away from Ethnic Group Y if huge swathes of Group Y believe Group A shouldn't exist."

What has happened to Mr. Adams is why many whites are afraid to take their own side or even point out racial double standards. Whites do share some of the blame. However, it’s not just white “suicide.” An abused group may share some responsibility for collaborating with the abuser, but it is not entirely to blame.

White advocates could add that most people pushing segregated graduations are black. Most blacks think race is central to their identity. The whole point of critical race theory is to argue that even formally colorblind institutions are racist because they were built by white people. Most whites do not think race is central to their identity, but today, indifference to race (“colorblindness”) is another form of racism. If racism, ethnocentrism, or racial identity are problems, it’s not white people who suffer from them.

Whatever Scott Adams has said or will say in future, the situation is simple. He took many black activists at their word and said whites should no longer inflict their presence on blacks. That is apparently career-ending and proves that whites are in an impossible position. We can’t be around blacks without being inherently racist but we can’t leave either. We are expected to wallow in endless guilt. If we don’t, we suffer even more punishment, as Scott Adams has learned.

Hood tries to say however that Adams misunderstood the Rasmussen poll by pointing out that a strict mathematical majority of negores think whitey is okay.
Mr. Adams himself says he took the poll at face value.

If Rasmussen itself is too conservative-leaning or somehow not credible, that supports Mr. Adams’s argument. Rasmussen trumped its results as proof that “most voters reject anti-white beliefs.” If the poll had a goal, it was to prove the opposite of Mr. Adams’s point. It wanted to show that most Americans, including blacks, reject “wokeness.”

The best way to summarize Mr. Adams’s position may be that whites need to end a destructive relationship in which they are abused just for existing. If journalists and activists think it is hateful for whites to disengage, that exposes the central contradiction of American race relations. In the view of our rulers, whites and whiteness are harmful, but sparing blacks the agony of being around us is even worse. Whites can neither stay nor leave.

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It's roughly parallel to how the Derka-Derkas feel about murdering in the name of their child molesting Satanic Prophet mohammed (worms be upon him as God damned him and his followers to burn in hell). Left-wing extremists like University of Ottawa's Stuart Chambers say "don't worry" about finding out that 10% of Muslims in your home country are okay with mass murder (and just don't ask what those numbers rise to when you ask them if they are indirectly okay with mass murder, or go from the general "is extremism wrong" to more specifics like "do you support the Tube Bombers actions and cause") even as your government vows to bring a million or more of them into the country annually.

46% is a shockingly large number. That means more than 1 out of every 20 Americans is a threat to white people. Seems more important of a story than a cartoonist making a rational suggestion based on that fact.