"Let’s turn toward each other with all the compassion that savage animal gave Mollie"

John Hays in the wake of that horrible video from last week showing an uppity nigger harassing an innocent white.

Western whites now accept levels of criminality no other well-established people in the world would tolerate and would have been unthinkable in the U.S., for instance, just a half century ago. And Christian moral teachings aren’t the reasons. Rather, a kind of mind virus has infected brainwashed whites desperate to avoid placing blame where it belongs. The consequences are self-destructive and anarchic.
For cognitive tranquility, whites must ascribe inherent goodness to non-whites, effectively placing them on a pedestal. That requires treating criminal non-whites as disconnected individuals, as representative of the human race and its general condition.

Thus when a non-white group exhibits unignorable crimes or other bad behavior that can be empirically observed and statistically quantified—such as a murder rate out of proportion with their share of the population—whites blame the “legacy” of racism, colonialism, or white supremacy.

Forgetting, of course, that blacks back in Blackrifca were less violent during the height of colonialism.
This psychology is also manifest among West Europeans. “Migrants” from Africa and the Middle East are committing unprecedented levels of rape and other sex assaults upon local women, which police and the Main Stream Media have of course either ignored or covered up. Pattern recognition has been deemed racist.