Edmonton Reggae Festival my new favourite summertime event

Hey, who all is coming with me to the Edmonton Reggae Festival?

It's definitely worth going now, since it will offend all the usual Fagosphere elements. Sodomite-loving Global TV, along with CRUZ FM and HOT 107 have already pulled their sponsorship over the minor scandal that -- can you believe it -- Reggae acts have political beliefs that they're willing to share.

How dare these performers keep with their noble cultural heritage and speak out against the great uranist evil of our time? Sad poofter Maurice Tomlinson worries that his AIDS funding might dry up if enough people share these artists totally sensible views.

I saw what Reggae Fest cost last year, and it's a little high. But I still think it's worth it to spend the money, attend the festival, and let the organizers and these media outlets know that we won't be cowed, we won't be silenced, and we won't be stopped.

The sick sodomistic lifestyle isn't valid. It's a lie, they don't actually love, they aren't normal, and those who speak out against this horrible lifestyle choice and the sham marriages they are pushing deserve our support.

This September, let's give them that.