The Angry Beard lies to the manufacturing sector

Thomas Mulcair is heating up the pre-election trail by promising Windsor that he'll get all the jobs back.

Windsor, noted for manufacturing, particularly in the auto sector and tool and die industry, has been been number one or two in the country in unemployment for years.

"What we need is a federal government that believes in a role to kick start the manufacturing sector across Ontario," Mulcair said.
So the angry beard thinks that the federal government has a role to kick start the Ontario manufacturing sector?

How does he plan to do this? Tax breaks to big business? Nope. How about huge government bailouts and loan guarantees to auto manufacturers? He doesn't like those either. Oh, I know, he'll ensure high demand for the kind of products manufactured in the Canadian rust belt by opposing carbon taxes or other economic anchors enacted in the name of climate change! No, wait, he did the exact opposite. Mulcair must be thinking of helping/forcing Ontario to enact right-to-work legislation, weakening the power of the unions which have crippled and perhaps killed the Ontario manufacturing sector? Whoops, sorry, Thomas Mulcair is a total union stooge.

In other words, Thomas Mulcair would enact policies that would harm the Ontario manufacturing sector, and corporations in general, and the economy in general. He's lying to those gullible union stooges in Windsor. He'll lie to you next.