WCB hostage taking

Today in Edmonton a gunman held hostages for 10 hours at the Workers Compensation Board office.

The general consensus from people I've talked to today with WCB problems before and now is goddamn that asshole who beat me to it.

Pretty much the WCB offices were asking for it. It's hard engendering sympathy for an organization that so abuses its monopoly position.


Anonymous said...

How about you go talk to the people who benefit from the WCB every year and then say something.

A.H. said...

Been following you on twitter all day as you spout your nonsense. You are a scary, anti-social person. As you are a conservative extremist, I suggest you go back to the forest and live as a hunter-gatherer, because that is where society would be today if conservatives actually had influence.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

How about you go talk to the people who benefit from the WCB every year and then say something.

That's awfully hard to do, seeing as how impossible it will be to find any of them.

The typical WCB experience is this: you get hurt at work and they determine if you got hurt with a task part of your regular or instructed employement tasks (or however they phrase it). If you did, then you're thrust into their world where they pretty much exert full control over your care. If you got hurt with non-work related injuries than you are not able to get healthcare from the regular public system (if they catch you lying about injuries at work they can recoup costs) nor from the WCB. Sweet deal, sweet deal.

As I tweeted earlier today, a few people I work with had horror stories from either themselves or loved ones at the Workers Compensation Board. Many had to do with the stifling rules and bureaucracy by which you are not permitted by law to escpae. Those same bureaucrats were taken hostages today. Any idea why some people are having trouble shedding a tear?

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

As for A.H., I deal with his inane stupidity here.

Neumanic said...

I assume you realize that the lowly case workers Clayton demanded to see have precisely zero control over policy and procedure. They have one or several thick binders that tell them what they can and cannot offer or approve. Any attempt to circumvent or appeal these rules in the spirit of providing genuine help is rebuffed by supervisors and managers who have been told to obsess about the bottom line. I don't know much about WCB, but I do know about a few of the other programs run by gov't that give money to people in bad situations and I can say they're all run the same. THe only way someone gets around the rules is to run to a MLA or cabinet minister. I don't care what shitty agency you work for, nobody deserves to be taken hostage.

Anonymous said...

I believe that if people work for the government then they should know that when they go to a work setting with security locks, plexiglass as the case may be; they are knowingly placing their safety at risk, as I had called recently and left a message for the Previous Minister of Community Services stating such.
Surely they know that they piss people off and lie though their teeth.,,, I have documentation which supports that and it runs from Goverment Agency to Government Agency. They all Support Each other. I have caught many of them up in Lies and Contradictions and if that is what they are good at; they deserve parctically anything they get. They can dish it out..And they are supporting a System which all to many Government workers will act like they are sympatheric but are Pathetic. Lieing to people and turning them away.

The Government make all too many people mentally Sick for sure.

The have very little hesitation in paying for Psychiatric Pill,Pills for Depression etc. which I guess makes this such a GREAT Health Care System.