My evil evil tweets

Longtime listener, firsttime caller "A.H." replied today on this little mini-post about today's WCB hostage crisis:

Been following you on twitter all day as you spout your nonsense. You are a scary, anti-social person. As you are a conservative extremist, I suggest you go back to the forest and live as a hunter-gatherer, because that is where society would be today if conservatives actually had influence.

Ahh, so much silliness in a single post [I thought societies, not people, were "hunter-gatherer" but I guess I'm just crazy! -ed]. To paraphrase Ann Coulter, I'm not an extremist in the slightest. I am a moderate centrist. People like A.H. are the extremists.

Now what kind of nonsense have I been posting on Twitter today? Let's check and see:
So, where exactly was all the scary anti-social stuff? C'mon A.H., you've got nothing. In fact, we've seen where conservative societies end up, and we've seen where liberal societies end up. If you want to wax nostalgic about Soviet Russia that's your call of course, but in this crazy place called reality we'll take a free-market society over one run by George W. Bush-haters any day of the week.