Save my bacon

On the last day of the regular season, this is how my head to head playoff game is looking in our baseball pool:

Obviously I can't touch his wins or strikeouts, and my home runs are safe. The rest is all up for grabs. If we end up tied, the tiebreaker is ERA, so I would need to close the gap there which will be up to Chicago Cub Ryan Dempster (my sole starter) and/or Josh Johnson (his sole starter in the lineup -- he's inexplicably benching Justin Verlander). This should also close the WHIP gap.

Realistically my runs are safe, my RBIs are safe.. The saves are the thing, you see. His relievers are Jonathon Broxton from the Dodgers, Heath Bell from the Padres, and Minnesota's Joe Nathan. Mine are Jose Valverde of the Astros, Fransisco Cordero of the Reds, and LA Angel Brian Fuentes. I would seem to have the edge. Sunday's final games are Astros-Mets, Reds-Pirates, Angels-A's, Giants-Padres, Brewers-Cardinals, and Dodgers-Rockies. The trouble is that all of the postseason matchups are concluded: Colorado is 2 games back of the Dodgers in the NL-West, and a win by Colorado still leaves them a game short. This means its entirely possible that none of these relievers will see action even in save situations. Still, there's a chance for success, and I'll be keeping a close eye on those games today.